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Waste not, …

Published by The Editors | Filed under hodge podge

Do you generate several tons of trash at your home a day? Are you tired of paying to have it hauled away? Do you want to use it to power your home, WITHOUT burning it? You may be in luck, as IST Energy has developed a machine that turns your garbage into power, for the low, low price of $850,000.

Bags of garbage are fed into a hopper at one end. Inside, the rubbish is squeezed into pellets, which are converted to flammable gas that can run an on-site generator. The machine ingests up to three tons of trash daily, unleashing enough power and heat to run a 200,000-square-foot building for a day.

All right, maybe this machine isn’t practical for a home, but we’d bet someone will roll out a home version sooner or later. We wonder what your average homeowners’ association would think of these bad boys.

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